Wondering which type Coach or Advisor would be best for you or your business?

Choosing between a Business Advisor, a Business Coach or a Team Coach…

Probably the most defining difference between a coach and advisor is their level of experience, and in turn what this enables them to do for you.

Drawing from significant personal experience & expertise, ideally having personally ‘been there and done that’ many times before, an advisor provides you with ‘short-cut creating’ experience insights, ideas & recommendations across a broad range of business challenges - many of which can be game changers for busy people who just want to get on with it. (Help companies to uncover potential problems and provide direction to solve issues - big picture thinking, They collaborate with businesses long term and do not leave after a project is complete. Advisors also help companies uncover potential problems, give direction on how to solve issues, and utilize a bigger picture approach to ongoing challenges. ultimately facilitate a company in future-proofing their operation, increasing profits, and saving money)

A coach on the other hand, will guide you through a process of reflection and learning so you identify solutions and work your way towards success. In doing so, the coach may also impart specific skills.

These key distinctions between a business coach and a business advisor, also commonly referred to as a professional mentor, are important and are why advisors/mentors are most useful when implementing is your biggest challenge, or when time is important. What you are looking for in such situations is mentor who has ‘walked a mile in your shoes’, rather than just learned about a topic. The difference in value between the two can be immense.

On the flip side, the difference between a business coach and a team coach is partly to do with focus, and partly with capability. A Business Coach will typically provide individual support to one or more executives in an organisation, or the business owner, whereas a Team Coach will engage an entire organisation or team collectively: facilitating dialogue in ways that lead to addressing multiple challenges and enhancing performance.

  Provides Nature Duration Expertise Best when


Recommendations & insights to help you move faster, to assess options and to implement with confidence Program Longer Med/High Either risk or complexity of the challenges you face are higher, or time is important


A process and guidance to help their client (Usually to one or more executives or the business owner) identify options and move forward. Program Medium/long Low/Med Both risks and complexity of the challenges you face are both lower, and you also have time to grow
Team Coach* Engagement with an entire team, to identify options and guide them to move forward Program Medium/long Med When full team engagement/ alignment is needed to transform performance, culture & wellbeing simultaneously