What's Your Vote... Street Smart or Qualified!?

Here's a great question - do Employers/business owners prefer 'street-smart' recruits (ie - those who hit ground running) or 'qualified' recruits?

No doubt, recruiters like ‘qualified’ recruits as it helps to cover their butt! And let's not forget that quals are great and show the important trait that you hve LEARNED TO LEARN... what they don't demostrate, however, is your capability.

In our experience, the highest value you bring as an employee is your ability to solve problems. AS business owners, we have always found 4 types of staff, being:
- those who miss problem
- those who see the problem
- those who see the problem and suggest a solution
- those those see the problem and suggest a solution and get started... these are the street-smart ones
Check out this great vid form Stu as he talks about this dynamic at a high level, and then click on th elink below and watch Rich Sayer & Stu Hayes explore it in more detail.

Yours in success
Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer
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