Victoria Street in Collingwood

Victoria Street Collingwood, the Big Wok

The Big Wok on Victoria Street

Victoria Street is one of the main retail precincts in Collingwood, is a suburb in Melbourne’s inner city, and it’s located about 3 kilometres from the city’s CBD, in the north-eastern direction. It’s within the jurisdiction of the City of Yarra Local Government, and it has a population of about 8500 people, most of who are young hipsters. The area is so hip and popular that it’s frequented by fun-seeking city dwellers and tourists alike.

Victoria Street passes along the southern end of the Collingwood Suburb. The Collingwood stretch of Victoria Street runs for about 800 metres past 'the Big Wok' art sculpture, and it’s lined with some of the best restaurants and cafes in the city. Victoria Street is most famous for it's range of Asian restaurants, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai Restaurants abound and the fierce competition means standards of freshness and price need to be just right. In fact the Asian restaurant precinct in Victoria street is so big it rivals Chinatown in inner Melbourne as the preeminent Asian food district in Melbourne.

Collingwood is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne, and it has lots of historic buildings, including residential houses, hotels, and other commercial buildings. Its most notable buildings were constructed in the 19th century, and some of them are listed in Victoria’s heritage registry. Some of the builds used to be factories, but now, they have been converted into entertainment spots, and they serve as nightlife venues and retail shops. The suburb is bordered by Smith Street, Hoddle Street Alexandra Parade, and Victoria Parade (which is a section of Victoria Street).

If you ever find yourself near Victoria Street in Collingwood, here are a few venues you might want to visit:

Easey’s Fast Food Train Restaurant

This is a uniquely designed restaurant that’s made up of 3 old train carriages, which are located on top of a five-story building in a backstreet area of Collingwood. This restaurant is very popular, and it’s mostly known for serving fantastic burgers and beer.

Aunty Peg’s Café

This is a very popular café and roasting house in Collingwood. Here, you not only get to drink freshly roasted coffee; you also get to learn about the coffee production process. You can take a tour of the roasting house in order to get a behind-the-scenes look at the machines and processes that are involved in roasting and grinding coffee beans. If you have the time, you can spend the whole day there and even take some barista lessons.

Baden Powell Hotel

The Powel Hotel Collingwood is right on the Victoria Parade Stretch, and it’s next to Collingwood MacDonald’s and Collingwood Pizza Hut. It’s an affordable 3-star hotel that has a pub, a beer garden, and quaint accommodation rooms. The Pub at Baden Powell it a popular venue for football fans, and it has lots of fine international and local beers on tap. The pub has a large sitting area that opens up to an outdoor beer garden. The beer garden has a retractable roof, and it has adequate space heating, so it offers a nice and relaxing atmosphere, no matter the prevailing weather. It’s widely considered to be the best beer garden in Collingwood.

Rupert on Rupert

This is a very popular wood-fired pizza restaurant in Collingwood. The restaurant is set up in an industrial space that has a communal feel thanks to its chic interior design. They serve different kinds of pizzas, share plates, and several local craft beers. It’s one of the trendiest hangouts in Collingwood.

Mamanee Thai Restaurant

Mamanee Thai is the best Thai restaurant in Collingwood. It serves lots of southern Thai cuisines. Their cuisines have strong exotic flavours, and they strictly follow Thai home-cooked recipes because they value authenticity. The restaurant is open all week round, except on Mondays.

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