How our Unique Consulting Methodology Evolved, and Why Our Situation-Specific Business Advice & Support is the Answer You've Been Looking For …

SHL is a modern, boutique Business Advisory with a unique consulting methodology that has evolved to leverage the personal experiences of it's founder, Stuart Hayes.

Unlike many business leaders who either 'found their feet on the job’, or were sent to do courses on leadership, Stuart Hayse's early career was a privledged leadership apprenticeship. Plucked from University as  a prized business consulting prospect, Stuart's early career benefited from the kinds of opportunities, training and support only available to people employed by elite organisations like KPMG, Andersen and Deloitte. (All of which he worked for).

As a young graduate, Stuart cut his teeth as a kind of “CEO Mr Fix it”  In this highly targeted role he was parachuted into a variety of diverse and challenging environments, where businesses were fighting for survival, and his job was to stop their decline and turn things around; or alternatively to create and implement a plan to help the business reach its true potential.

During this time Stuart hit upon a broad formula for successfully treansforming any business in any circumstances. He worked closely with the key leaders in small groups and having the backing of  a T1 Consulting firms, was able to bring in situation specific experts, academics and iconic leaders from sports and industry to deliver specific advice. These experiences taught Stuart how much more valuable tailored advice, coaching and support programs are compared to the less accountable alternatives usually available to smaller businesses, and it lit a fire within him to somehow provide smaller businesses with programs of similar quality.

SHL and The Proprietary Work Life Consulting Platform is the result 

SHL takes a ‘whole of business’ approach and deliver highly experienced management consulting, business coaching & advisory services with the expertise that only comes from immense real world business experience. A consulting support program typically includes strategic advice and coaching with senior leaders, to develop specific, strategic planing initiatives that suite your specific industry ande circumstances. We then help drive implementation and progress in your business inside key business units and teams, using our proprietary WorkLife Platform. This amazing HR management software is our secret weapon. It allows us to provide unparalleled visibility, alignment, and accountability accross your entire business.

Here’s how we partner with you and your team to achieve success:

Our team is…

Stuart HAYES
strategic business leadership, governance, team engagement & turnaround

strategic business leadership, governance & turnaround

HR and training specialist, team coach, consultant

Research projects, team support & wellbeing