The Secret Strategy My Staff Used on Me To Get Promoted

If you have ever wondered why it is that some people seem to navigate through their careers more easily than others, then perhaps this strategy in which you 'get into your boss's mind to find out what drives them' will help!

Boss's are no different to you or either of us, after all, and they are certainly no different to that other 'mysterious' group of people to whom the same strategy is equally valid: customers.

When you take the time to understand your boss's perspective and motives - even if you don't share then - the benefits are huge.

Let us illustrate one of the ways this applies.

In Stu's experience as a CEO, he always categorized his team members into 3 broad buckets when it came to solving problems. These 3 buckets being:

1. Those who could only see problems (no comment as to how they impressed me!)
2. Those who could see problems and were able to suggest options for solutions
3. Those who could see problems, suggest options and have already started on the one they felt was best (he always loved these people, even if he didn't agree with the option they chose!)

Knowing WHY your boss acts as they do helps you second guess the direction they will move next so you can make sure that the value you provide is always 'one step ahead'... and therefore completely valued and appreciated by them.

Yours in success

Stu & Rich
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