Peter , Comedian

July 27, 2017

If you’re a business owner, CEO or career executive based in Melbourne; someone looking for a business coach to show you practical ways to improve your leadership, the performance of your business and the people you manage, then Stuart Hayes could be the man you’re looking for. Here’s why.

Stuart Hayes isn’t your typical business coach. To begin with he has a bachelor of economics and he is a CPA, so his credentials are impeccable. Secondly, before he started business coaching, Stuart spent 12 years working for some of the worlds leading accounting firms as a ‘Change CEO’, which is corporate speak for a CEO “Mr Fix it” – and it means his day to day job for over a decade was to go into ailing companies, assume the role of CEO, get to the bottom of why their business was under performing and then quickly and efficiently turn things around: the people, the marketing, the financial results, everything!