Rod Laver Arena

Main Court Rod Laver AreanaRod Laver Arena is located at Olympic Blvd, Melbourne, VIC, 3001, within Melbourne Park and it has been one of the premier sports arenas in Australia for several decades. It was constructed in the mid-to-late 80s, and it was originally meant to replace Kooyong Stadium, which by then had become both too old and too small to serve as the Venue for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.

Rod Laver Arena has had several different names over the years. When it was first constructed in the 80s, it was called the National Tennis Centre at Flinders Park. In the mid-1990s, its name was changed to Centre Court, and it wasn’t until early 2000 that it received its current name. It was named after Rod Laver, the legendary Australian tennis player.

The arena is right next to a scenic turn of the Yarra River, and it is part of the public parklands in the area. There are lots of parking spaces available at the venue, so match-goers always have a fun and stress-free experience at the venue.

Currently, Rod Laver Arena is a multipurpose sports venue. It has a sitting capacity of over 15,000 (for sporting events) and 16,000 people (for music concerts and performances). In any given year, the arena attracts way over 1.5 million people, most of whom are local sports fans, but the rest are tourists and fans from around the world.

The arena was originally designed for tennis matches, and to date, it’s still the main court for the Australian Opens Championship. Lots of historic tennis matches have been played at the arena, including the Davis Cup tournament of 2003 where Australia famously won its 28th cup title. It is one of the four original grand slam tennis arenas in Australia.

The arena can be modified on occasion to temporarily accommodate different types of sporting events. For example, during the World Aquatics Championships of 2007, the centre court of the arena was replaced by a temporary swimming pool for the duration of the championships. On different occasions, the arena has been modified to accommodate WWE wrestling events, netball matches, UFC matches, and even the Skateboarding World Cup tournaments.

In recent years, the most popular secondary use of the arena has been for basketball matches. The venue was once the home of Melbourne United (formerly known as the Melbourne Tigers) basketball team. It also briefly served as the home of the Victoria Titans (formerly known as Melbourne Magic). The arena is considered to be the largest open-air or outdoor basketball venue in Australia. Over the years, it has hosted hundreds of National Basketball League matches, including a few all-star matches.

Rod Laver Arena, as we’ve mentioned, is also a very popular concert venue. It often hosts some of the most high-profile music acts in the world. In fact, it was once ranked among the top ten concert venues in the world, based on ticket sales. The arena has since slipped from its top ten rankings, but it still remains as popular as ever. With the exception of the Qudos Bank Arena, Rod Laver Arena is the highest-selling venue in Australia, which makes it the arena of choice for both local artists and international music acts.

When tennis and basketball tournaments are off-seasons, the arena is open to the general public so that anyone can play in the same courts as some of the world’s leading athlete. That means that you can book the venue for your own private tennis match, or you can have your pickup basketball match at the arena. You can also take a tour of the area and admire the magnificent Garden Square.

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