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NGV Front SignageThe National Gallery of Victoria is located on 180 Saint Kilda Road, and at the federation square in Melbourne. Melbourne residents refer to it as the NGV. It’s a museum of art which was established way back in 1861, making it the oldest art museum in Australia. It’s also by far the most popular and most visited art museum in the country.

The NGV has two sites. First, there is the NGV International site, which is situated along Saint Kilda Road within Melbourne’s Arts Precinct. NGV international collects, curates, and displays art from all over the world. The second site, NGV Australia, is located near Federation Square at the Ian Potter Centre. It deals with paints, photos, sculptures, and other pieces of art that were created by Australian Artists (or those that depict Australia’s history and culture).

The gallery has a collection of more than 70,000 works, and it’s believed to have the most impressive art collection in the Southern Hemisphere. When you visit the NGV, you’ll be able to see temporary exhibits as well as extraordinary visual arts displays. You can take guided tours (where experts explain the art pieces to groups of tourists), or you can attend talks (where art pieces are used in lectures to focus attention on certain contemporary or historical topics).

The history of the NGV is closely intertwined with that of Victoria. Victoria became a stand-alone colony in 1850, and it quickly grew to be the richest of all the Australian colonies thanks to the gold rush. Much of that wealth was concentrated in Melbourne, so the city and the colony had enough resources and political will to invest in a public art gallery. The government of Victoria heavily invested in the Museum of Art, which was later renamed as the National Gallery of Victoria. Since then, the gallery and its collections have been growing and expanding. The institution has been well funded over the years, thanks to monetary donations, as well as gifts of art-pieces from collectors and artists.

The old NGV buildings were renovated in 2000, and they were updated to incorporate modern gallery technologies, and cutting-edge security features. Currently, the NGV is looking to expand by constructing a third gallery under its umbrella: the NGV Contemporary Gallery. The project is already funded, and it has taken off, so visitors to the gallery will soon have a third venue to tour.

The NGV has a very wide range of works across its 2 collections. It has a vast and diverse collection of Asian art, which includes more than 5000 priceless items from across different countries in the Asian continent. They have Chinese, Korean, Persian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, and Himalayan art pieces and cultural artefacts, some of which date as far back as the second millennium BCE.

In their International Art catalogue, the NGV has a permanent collection of paintings and sculptures of British, European, North American origins. These pieces are displayed across about 15 permanent gallery sections at the NGV International gallery.

When it comes to Australian Art, NGV’s collection is unrivalled. The collection includes artefacts and art pieces from the indigenous Aboriginal cultures, pieces from the Australian impressionist era, 20th-century Australian art, as well as modern and contemporary pieces.

The NGV also has a vast photography catalogue which was started in the late 1960s and is now a collection of over 15,000 photographs that includes iconic images which capture various historical and cultural events from the 20th and 21st century. They also have a department that deals with paintings and drawings. The paintings and drawings make up about one-third of the entire collection of the gallery.

The NGV hosts annual exhibits of art pieces from all over the world (some of the pieces are usually on loan from other galleries around the country and across the globe). So, if you are an art enthusiast, you should pay attention to their events calendar to find out if any special pieces are coming to the gallery in the near future.

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