CU 26: Neville Christie, Entrepreneur & 'Business with Soul' Ambassador

Neville Christie started his apprenticeship as an entrepreneur at the age of…. can you believe this… 6!

Way back at that time Neville was selling stamps, biscuits, toffee & lemonade, but by age 12 he had already started the first of 3 serious businesses, whilst still at full time school, was supporting his family and a year later was earning more than 3 times the basic wage from FOUR different ventures!!

Since then Neville has set up 44 small & medium sized businesses - 41 of these have been successful and there have been 3 significant failures.

Learn about what Neville has learned on his journey, and also what he is now doing to enhance the lives and businesses of 10,000 entrepreneurs… on the foundation of life & business with purpose, or as he calls it, ‘Business with Soul.’