MSAC, 30 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park VIC 3206MSAC -The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic centre (MSAC for short) is located at 30 Aughtie Drive, in Albert Park, Port Phillip, Melbourne. There are several state-of-the-art aquatic facilities around the country, but MSAC is considered to be Australia’s flagship aquatic centre.

MSAC is easily accessible via public transportation. It is serviced by a tram stop, and there are tram routes that lead directly to the Melbourne City Centre, and to Southern Cross Railway Station.

The centre was created to serve as a venue for all kinds of sports, but it’s mostly recognised as a water sports facility. It was funded jointly by the City of Port Phillip and the Victoria State Government. The facility is so complex that it had to be constructed in 3 different stages.

The sporting halls and the indoor pools were constructed in the first stage. The second stage included an expansion that involved the construction of a 50-metre outdoor pool, a brand new hydrotherapy pool, and the improvement of the transportation links both within and outside the centre. The expansion done during the second stage made it possible for the centre to host the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

The third stage of construction was done more recently, and it mostly involved the installation of technological infrastructure that made it possible for visitors and athletes to enjoy a hassle-free experience at the centre.

MSAC is operated and managed by the State Sports Centres Trust. This is a public trust that is also in charge of 3 other sports centres in Melbourne namely, the State Netball and Hockey Centre, Lakeside Stadium, and the MSAC Institute of Training. All of these facilities and institutions were developed as part of an initiative to nurture sporting talent within the state.

The facilities at MSAC can be put into 2 main categories; aquatic facilities, and sports facilities. When it comes aquatic facilities, the centre has a 50 metre indoor pool, a multi-purpose pool, a 25-metre lap pool, a 50 metre outdoor pool, a wave pool, a hydrotherapy pool, among many others. Wherever it’s necessary, the pools are equipped with diving board. There is also a water slide that was put in place for recreational purposes. MSAC was designed as an international standard swimming and diving facility, so most of its pools are large enough to be used for competitive events. They also have spacious spectator areas around all the pools.

When it comes to sports facilities, the centre has several large multi-purpose sports halls, which are often used for indoor sports such as badminton, squash, and table tennis, as well as arena sports such as basketball and volleyball. Some of the halls are also used for gymnastics training. The centre has 10 separate indoor basketball courts, 12 badminton courts, and 10 rooms that serve as squash courts. There are also 3 indoor volleyball courts, and there are versatile rooms that can cumulatively accommodate 18 table tennis setups. Because of these facilities, the centre is perfect for tournaments that involve several different matches that run concurrently.

Being a state-run facility, the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre is open to the public, so you can visit the centre and find out what it’s like to train like a world-class swimmer or diver. The centre is also a recreational facility, so you can join over 2 million people who visit the centre every year for fun. You can bring your children along and take them out to the water slide or the wave pool.

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