Get a 1:1 Coach or Mentor!

Do you have high objectives in your career or business?

Would you like someone beside you who has ‘walked in your shoes’?

Would you like to take the shortest, safest or most effective steps?

Get a mentor who has done it before!

MIB’s mentoring programs are designed to deliver impact and are specifically for people:

  • Seeking 1:1 assistance in achieving specific outcomes;
  • Wishing to apply workshop/program approaches to unique circumstances;
  • Seeking urgent change; or
  • Preferring 1:1 mentoring.

MIB’s mentoring programs are often provided in conjunction with a Work Style Preference or Communications Improvement assessment

Who is mentoring for?

  • CEOs, professionals & seasoned leaders wanting an independent sounding board and to improve their self-awareness and GET RESULTS QUICK!
  • Emerging leaders seeking to have HIGH IMPACT and improve their VISIBILITY
  • Business owners & entrepreneurs seeking the most efficient pathway to lead their business to EXACTLY WHERE THEY WANT IT

… its all about delivering high impact and immediate bottom line ROI!!

What happens?

Mentoring is generally Skype based (to minimise costs) or phone based and is held at a convenient time for both the mentor and the mentee… wherever they are in the world.

What are people saying about mentoring?

"An obviously passionate and very committed leader who wants people to learn. Very inspiring! It's almost intimidating how much he knows (but is willing to pass on)"

Grant Sheppard, Team Lead, Melbourne, 2012

"The amount of personal insight concerning my leadership qualities and how I can continue to self develop and become the best possible leader I can be was just phenomenal."

Ian Bruton, Melbourne, 2012

"Stuart's ability to convey his knowledge & understanding of the mind of a leader to his audience is outstanding. His training methods truly make many 'good' leaders into 'great' leaders!"

Maria Butler, Sydney, 2010

"Stuart is an expert with a big heart who brings out a WIN-WIN outcome for all involved. A uniqueness rarely found in this field. I highly recommend Stuart to those who want to achieve an outcome that will change their business and their lives for the better."

Vanessa Tran, Melbourne, 2011

How do I get going?

MIB recognises that everyone needs support on the journey to success – irrespective of where you are! We also recognise that coaching and mentoring can be cost prohibitive – most executive level coaching programs cost between $5,000 and $10,000!

MIB’s programs are structured to connect you with the support you need and to allow you to receive tat price in a cost effective way. Check them out:

Program Sessions Price
Get Me Going 5 x 45 minute sessions $945 + GST
Help Me Fly 10 x 60 minute sessions $2,450 + GST
Online Bonus Get the expensive insight recruiters use to learn what they are thinking about you in advance!Book your HELP ME FLY package online to receive access to a globally validated Personal Work style Assessment and receive a 17 page report that tells you about you! (RRP - $625)
100% Money Back Guarantee If you re not 100% satisfied with your mentor or coach after Session #1, MIB will refund your fees without question.