CU 35: Master Facilitator & Super Coach, Blair Singer

Could you imagine receiving a standing ovation from more than 12,000 people after delivering a training session?! Or what about receiving a client testimonial in which YOU are credited with their $600 million sales growth?!

For almost three decades, this is the type of impact this week’s guest on Careers Unplugged, Blair Singer, has had in the world - not to mention he was also a central figure in Careers Unplugged co-host Stu Hayes’ own decision to step away from 14 years as a CEO and embark on a socially conscious training & coaching journey himself, as well as being a trainer & mentor to Rich Sayer.

Blair is renowned worldwide as an expert in sales, business and personal growth, and has clients spanning 25 countries on five continents and from the Fortune 500 to small business owners, sales teams and individuals.

He is also recognised as the world’s foremost practitioner and trainer of experiential and accelerated learning techniques.

Don’t miss this compelling episode with Blair and then visit to receive your gift from him.

PS - we have also added an extra 10 minutes to the regular duration just so you don’t miss out!