Making the Decision to Change Career with AFL Star, Dan Jackson

Recently on the show we’ve met active professional athletes and we have also had the opportunity to talk to meet retired professional athletes about their journey out of sport and into a new career

In this week's episode we get to meet an AFL star who is right at the point of retirement from his sport and  looking to the future right now.

Notably, Daniel Jackson played 156 games and kicked 61 goals in an 11-year career with Richmond  Football Club in the AFL, was the winner of the Jack Dyer Medal for the best and fairest player at the club in 2013 and like many other athletes, also had his share of battles along the way.

Make a point of tuning in to this great episode as Dan shares his journey, how he has prioritised life and career, the impact of coaches,  how he makes decisions, how to change career... and from our perspective, an insight into why Dan Jackson is such a wonderful, heart centered and impressive guy!

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