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Fact: Change has no impact unless it sticks

Being both a business owner and a professional CEO, trainer and ‘2011 - Global Top 100 Leadership Blog’ author Stuart Hayes developed Leadership+ to assist private businesses address some core challenges:
"As a business owner, I struggled to find the time to train my emerging leaders,” Stuart concedes “and I also knew the impact of external programs was not up to the international standard I expected."
"Leadership+ is structured to deliver immediate impact & eliminate these challenges!"

Fact: Impact follows intensity

Leadership+ is a high impact training program that uses intensive, experiential and accelerated learning techniques to get results that are evident IMMEDIATELY. Leadership+ helps leaders and leadership teams to change, to fulfil their personal greatness through better leading and better communicating.

What are the benefits of leadership+?

  • Create an Environment for Leadership Success
  • Align a Whole Team to a Vision
  • Build and Sustain a Great Leadership Team
  • Build & Fuel a Leadership Fire to - Perpetuate Team
  • Drive When You are Absent
  • Re-wire to achieve Leadership Self Belief
  • Find & Access Authenticity & Courage - When You Need it
  • Communicate Openly to Achieve Outcomes
  • Empower & Foster Team Trust

What are people saying about leadership+?

"Stuart is a phenomenal leadership trainer and business coach… I’ve participated in this leadership training and can thoroughly recommend Stuart and this program as being leading edge… 10/10!"

Jenny Butcher, Trainer & HR Director, Sydney, 2012

"Right out of your comfort zone! No excuses, no getting out of it! Intensive, confronting and surprisingly fun – I learned a lot about leadership and about myself."

Jonathan Castletine-Jackson, Partner, Melbourne, 2012

"Very positive!" "Fantastic" "Good Insight" "Stuart was fantastic. Very timely" and "Overall Rating - 9/10"

The CEO Institute, Syndicate 52, 2012

The Leadership+ Intensive

April 2013
Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre

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