CU 27: Laurence Tham, Wellness Guy & Super Coach

Dr Laurence Tham is a renowned podcaster, mentor & coach in the Wellness, mindset areas & practise leadership areas.

He is Founder of “Drive Your Practice” as well as a co-host and founder of Australia’s Top Health Podcast “The Wellness Guys Show”,
which reached #1 in Australia in less than 16 weeks and has been in the Top 30 in health podcasts in USA since it started in 2011. !

Not surprisingly, Laurence is also a Co-Founder of The
Wellness Couch which authors over 9 top health podcasts broadcasting around the world including his very own “Inside the Champion’s Mind” which focus on helping people overcome mediocrity in the pursuit of being World Class… and this wonderful podcast, Careers Unplugged!!

Tune into this open and insightful episode with Laurence and you’ll learn why he has clients and fans across the world.