Is Your Great Idea Stupid?

Ok, let's be honest... it's possible you're delusional isn't it!?!

We say this in the nicest way, of course, but there is the possibility the ggrrrrreat idea you have to change the world and make millions of dollars is just simply nuts!

What this means is that through your great idea you could either be aiming too high or, worse still, too low. So how can you tell?

The key activity to help you identify whether you are aiming too high or too low is to ask yourself questions about your idea: remembering, of course, it is both the quality of your questions and the honesty of your answers that matters most.

A great tip is to seek out the opinion of someone you trust to assist you with this exercise. Ideally, this person should also be someone independent, someone who will tell you the truth rather than what you want to hear!

When you meet them, your objective is to get feedback on both your strategy/idea AND then, later, your performance as you move towards it.

In any case, this a ripper of a topic and one in which both Stu & Rich have so much to share - along with some classic stories of what happens when you don't get it right!

Yours in success,

Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer
Make It Big Training