Is Passion Important For Success?

Have you ever wondered if success was something you could achieve in ANY field... or whether your heart has to be really 'in it'?

There is no doubt that some people reach great heights in areas they don't love, but success is more than reaching great heights, it is the journey you take towards them.

"For me, this was something REALLY hard to get my head around and for too much of my early career I focused on climbing peaks rather than on embracing a journey because that's what I loved," says Stu.

There is an old saying that success leaves clues: one of the ways this is the case is through looking at what you are passionate about.

The things you are passionate about are fun. They are a pleasure to do... and often also things you are either good at right now or prepared to invest time in becoming good at.

Taking this angle further, it's hardly surprising that when your daily activities are aligned to something you're passionate about, to something you deeply believe, other things often seem to fall in to 'alignment' too:
- People resonate with what you are doing -- clients, staff, suppliers, friends, everyone
- Your passion gives YOU energy when struggling
- You will start to find that communicating your purpose is also natural and easier to do

Anyway, check out this great video from Stu & Rich... some of the stories are classic!

Yours in success

Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer
Make It Big Training