How to market yourself to achieve career success

How do you define your personal brand? What do you stand for? How are you communicating this? How are you adding value to the communities & industries you are a part of?

If you have ever wondered about any of these, or simply how you could market YOURSELF to achieve more career success then check out this video from Stu.

In this dynamic era of social media & personal branding, there are many things you can do to communicate your brand to the world... but the most successful ones all start and finish with CONTRIBUTING something first!

Unlike in eras past, where holding on to your "IP" or "trade secrets" was acceptable, we now live in a time where almost all information is accessible on the internet. What this means is, if you don't contribute to the world, your market will find what they need from someone else who will

What this also means, is that if you do contribute to the world you will become widely recognized and appreciated as a person, and your brand and credibility will thrive.
This is why the marketing mantra for people who seek to grow their personal brand is, "Contribute. Contribute first. Contribute more."

Of course, by being consistent with your brand as you do this, and through consistently contributing in the right places, this 'contribution based' way of promoting yourself is incredibly powerful... and will help you to the life, career and business success you deserve.

Yours in success

Stu & Rich