How To Impress Your Boss & Get Promoted

Smack! Stu's jaw hit the floor - and that's not something that happens very often!

He asked once again, "Is there ANYONE here who has EVER observed even the slightest indecision or uncertainty in their boss!?"

Still no response - a sea of 200 blank faces looked  at him, wondering where he was going. "Bosses are never uncertain," one voice ventured, and the 200 top Executive Assistants nodded in agreement.

OK - before we continue  this story, let's get one thing straight, irrespective of what type of person your boss is, we guarantee one simple reality: they are human and they feel uncertain from time to time, just like everyone else.

With this in mind, Stu looked to his left and right and asked the panel who were with him on stage, all professional CEO's and as  dumbstruck as he was, a different question... "OK, as CEO's, have any of you ever experienced a SINGLE DAY in which some form of uncertainty has not existed for you?" Needless to say, they all agreed that uncertainty and the pressure it brings was something  they lived with every single day. Wow!

Often we forget that our bosses are human, in much the same way that we sometimes forget our customers are too! Remembering your boss is human, check out this video in which Stu shares a simple tip that could accelerate your career rapidly and help you to achieve the promotions, pay rises and recognition you deserve.