How To Get Paid to Learn... & To Start A Business

If you interested in starting a business or if you are wondering how to minimize the cash you need so you can think about starting a business, then this video is for you!

Starting a business can be a risky affair after all, and if you don't know what you're doing it can also be an expensive affair! Needless to say, investing time in learning everything you can about your potential business before 'jumping in boots-and-all' is HIGHLY beneficial.

So, what to learn? How about some of these to begin with:
- who is your market?
- what are they satisfied with?
- what are they unsatisfied with?
- who currently supplies them?
- how do they feel about those suppliers?
- why do they choose them?

... and this list only includes a few of the marketing questions you should be asking! Extending beyond these are all the other questions that will ultimately allow you to run your business effectively and in ways that minimize risk and maximize returns.

Enjoy this video, in which Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer share their perspectives on how to lower the risk of your new business by getting paid to learn - working for someone else! It's great stuff, and as usual is filled with good practical business and life tips and their own unique and often hilarious stories.


Yours in success

Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer
Make It Big Training