How the busiest people always get more done

If you have ever wondered why it is the busiest people always seems to get more done, or why there is an old saying that "if you want something done, give it to the busiest person", then check out this great video from Stu and start being more productive!

Becoming more productive is a combination of both organization and commitment. The good news is, there is a fundamental method through which both of these can be entwined, and that is to simply start blocking out your diary.

Through this simple step you will start to take ownership of your time and be better able to focus on delivering outcomes that are important, rather than being distracted by what is urgent (and not necessarily important).

"What do I block out time for?" I hear you ask.

Well, check out this great list below for the answer to that question, plus two other critical things you need to do to be more productive:

1. Make an Action List
2. Prioritize it in terms of MOST IMPORTANT
3. Block out time do do what you love the most
4. Block out time to think
5. Block out time to author
6. Block out time to meet people (and email)
7. Commit to NOT looking at emails during the day outside the block out time specified

Yours in success

Stu & Rich
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