How do I make my career a success?

In my 20s, I invested my time heavily into accumulating experience, even though my career itself paid poorly paying at the time.

What this meant was that after 4 years of study, I left university and accepted my first job for the meager amount of $23,000 pa. Even in 1992, this was below average for a graduate from the university I attended.

My point now is, I knew that by going into and working for the organization I did, and even though they didn’t pay well, that eventually my marketability and ability to earn more elsewhere would improve. I was developing a capital asset: I was building a career.

Having said this, I also recognized I needed to add other skills and experiences to my asset as well. I needed to lay other foundation stones, if you like, to make sure that the building I was creating – my career – was the most marketable and could be realized for the most amount of money down the track.

In summary, I guess you could say that although I had finished university formally, I realized I needed to invest a further 3, 4, 5 or even 10 years into myself to succeed and I did this by enrolling in my own professional finishing school: making sure I made the right steps at that time to therefore have the right choices available to me thereafter.

What does it mean to make it big in your career?

No doubt, this is a personal question that ony you can answer – and it is one that can only be answered having undertaken the types of exercises we talk about in “identifying your Point B” elsewhere in MIB.

What I can tall you is what happened to me…

Having invested my time and effort for 5 years, my salary finally rose above $30,000 for the first time. I had continued to be underpaid throughout this period but I had continued to accumulate a capital asset nonetheless, particularly through what I was learning OUTSIDE my formal professional life.

To a large degree, it is evident now that the combination of these two areas of growth positioned me for the rapid improvements that soon followed: a period in which increased my salary by over 50% in one year, doubled it on top of that the next year and then doubled it again a year later!

It is my great privilege to now guide other professionals to do the same thing – and why wouldn’t you? Weren’t we all created to have a great life and to excel!?!