Habits of Success - Protect Your Attitude

We know it sounds corny, but have you ever heard the saying, "Your attitude determines your altitude?" Have you ever wondered what this really means? Or what you could do to improve your attitude and achieve success?

Not surprisingly, improving your attitude requires more than just 'deciding' in your conscious mind to be stronger, tougher, more committed, happier, whatever. Instead, it requires a much deeper process that ends up changing what you think... and what you believe!

No doubt, some peeps will have left this post having read our last sentence, which is a shame for them, but for those of you still reading let's continue and then provide some great tips.

OK - so the evolution of your attitude starts deeper down, with what you believe. In turn, what you believe is heavily impacted by the environment you have been exposed to - and environment always wins!

The process of changing your attitude requires both 'resetting' your beliefs, so they support the attitude you wish to have, as well as 'protecting' yourself from any environment that might erode your good work.

In their powerful video this week, Rich Sayer & Stu Hayes explore this topic in depth and share some great insights and stories from their own experiences [as well as a golden nugget from Rich's Dad, George Sayer].

As a taster, here are some ways you can protect your attitude by being careful about what you expose yourself to:
- Don’t watch the news, read garbage, watch garbage, hang out with non-supporting people
- Choose to associate with those who believe in you and will help you
- Read and watch positive material every day, even if just for 15 minutes
- Get a coach/mentor, particularly if you find any of these things hard to sustainable do alone

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Yours in success

Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer
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