CU 50: How to have fun, innovate & build a dream career with Mitch Matthews

I must say, it was great to spend some time with Mitch Matthews!

Not only is Mitch an author and an authority on some of my favourite topics -
In particular, innovative thinking, engagement, goal achievement and work-place mentoring - but he is also a great guy and someone who shares my own views about making a contribution to the world.

These days Mitch splits his time between working with organizations and working with students on college campuses across the US. He also works 1:1 with elite leaders from organizations like NASA, Disney & Pioneer to help them to navigate what he calls the “Next Generation Workforce.”

As you listen to this interview and learn some of Mitch's tips on what you can do to not only achieve your dreams (pretty cool in itself don't you think?!) but also to collaborate with other people so you can make them even bigger (actually, that's very cool too), why not download a copy of IGNITE, his incredible book, and get started right now? IGNITE  represents the best of Mitch's  tips and the steps he has seen lead to success.

We hope you enjoy this episode, post a comment here or on Facebook and we look forward to seeing you with another episode next week!