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Need a bit more information about me and my background? In this short video I give you a quick heads up, watch this and you will understand why you should listen to, and engage with what I’m sharing in this series.


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External Forces

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The 293 Question Business Review,
Compiled by Stuart Hayes

Asking the right questions is the key to successfully steering an enterprise. That's why you really need to download the 293 Question bonus.

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Back in 2007, Stuart Hayes was part of a think tank of Australia’s top business consultants, who were commissioned to identify problems and create strategies to save an iconic Australian enterprise from bankruptcy. So what did this group of leading business thinkers recommend? They recommended the business ask itself a series of probing questions, designed to help identify problems, strengths and weaknesses and shine a light on how the business might re-frame and move forward.

Get access to this amazing list of questions, which was compiled by Stuart on behalf of the group. Then use these questions to shine powerful insight into your business processes. Used in conjunction with the self coaching course you have already registered for, this is an incredibly powerful bonus that will help you get the best out of our self coaching course!