CU 49: Finding meaning and making magic in life with Gilbert Rochecouste

Gilbert Rochecouste is recognised in Australia and globally as a leader in Placemaking - creating Great Places for people.   He is a sought after international speaker and motivator.    He has successfully worked with 1000’s of communities, cities, towns and transforming their streets and spaces over the past 25 years. By crafting a powerful integrated approach to creating vibrant, resilient and loved places.   He is unique in how he blends commerce, culture, community and ecology using the 5 P’s of Placemaking.  These loved places become magnetic destinations that are socially, culturally and commercially successful.

He leads a multi-disciplinary team of placemakers, researchers and designers under the banner of “The Village Well” which he founded in 1992. Known as a provocateur of positive change and inspiration, his bold ideas and some of his projects have helped make Melbourne the most livable city. Examples of great placemaking magic are:

  • Flinders Lane (“the laneways”) & Degraves Street Activation and Place Vision
  • Abbotsford Covent Vision
  • Kings Cross Vision and Activation Plan
  • Creation of the Queen Victoria Summer and Winter Night Markets