Executive Coaching

Why is Executive Coaching important?
If you are losing sleep on account of a leadership deficiency, skills gap, a poor performance review or a lack of confidence and this is impacting your performance at work, or if you would benefit from being supported to achieve a promotion, a new job or, simply, to learn how to improve your enjoyment of life and work you already understand why millions of successful people around the world engage executive coaches and why you would benefit too.

Who is Executive Coaching for?
1) A senior executive wishing to raise their performance to a higher level or elevate their impact or visibility
2) A mid-level or emerging leader wishing to accelerate their career or be supported to get past challenges that have been blocking their growth or through a situation that involves stepping beyond their comfort zone

What’s the point of Executive Coaching?
The role of the Executive Coach is to support and guide your personal growth and self awareness and to contribute to your professional growth so you are confidently able to achieve work and life based goals that are important to you or to navigate through challenges that are blocking you or holding you back.

What are your options?
The most effective Executive Coaching programs are constructed to address specific needs and will generally include the use of psychometric and or emotional intelligence assessment tools (hyperlink to the assessment tools page) to assist in identifying root causes and pathways to address these.

Executive coaching sessions are held either face-to-face or remotely (via Skype or phone)