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If you’re a leader, emerging leader or change-driver…

and you need to balance team wellbeing with the need to perform,
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ead on…

Features advanced approaches to achieve performance and wellbeing outcomes by team, culture and performance specialist, Stuart Hayes

Between 1998 and 2012, Stuart Hayes was parachuted to rescue ailing businesses in Asia, Australia and the UK, and for clients as diverse as multinationals, a royal family and private enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

Not surprisingly, as organisational psychology now proves,  in almost all these assignments Stuart found the undesired, but familiar, combination of poor performance, poor morale and poor wellbeing.

“What I found, almost inevitably, was that staff had given up, the market had given up, both people and relationships were stretched, and cash was scarce,” says Stuart.

“But what I also found, were very consistent approaches to turn around these challenges. Teams became engaged, accountable & aligned to strategy; stress and ‘noise’ reduced; wellbeing improved; and staff started to communicate more effectively with each other and customers.”

Following an invitation to share his approaches with French multinational Faiveley, in 2011, Stuart reverse engineered his successful approaches to engaging people & markets in ways that  improved wellbeing and achieve high performance outcomes from crisis situations, and created a series of practical programs to teach others how to do the same.

What will I learn in ‘The Heart of Performance, Culture & Wellbeing’…

‘The Heart of Performance, Culture & Wellbeing’ is designed using Stuart’s empowerment and culture focused approaches to:

  • improve employee engagement
  • improve employee wellbeing
  • improve performance
  • improve communication & connection

Specifically, in ‘The Heart of Performance, Culture & Wellbeing’ you will learn how to:

  1. assess and improve your team’s real morale and culture
  2. turn down the ‘noise’, so your team better copes with stress & wellbeing improves
  3. improve team alignment to strategic goals in natural, ‘self sustaining’ ways
  4. improve team connection and communication with each other and customers
  5. improve productivity and performance
  6. improve team accountability

Who is this workshop for…

‘The Heart of Performance, Culture & Wellbeing’ is designed for leaders, emerging leaders, HR professionals and anyone involved in a team experiencing performance pressure or stress, needing to change or seeking to achieve high performance outcomes in easier ways.

How is it delivered…

‘The Heart of Performance, Culture & Wellbeing’ is facilitated as an interactive workshop with both experiential and theory-based components.

Practical exercises are used with self-reflection, feedback and group discussions to illustrate learning objectives, accelerate behavioral change and allow participants to consider how they will apply what they learn directly into their work place. Theory is facilitated, and note taking is encouraged to also support post-workshop integration into the work place.

Who is Stuart Hayes…

Stuart Hayes is a former change specialist CEO whose approach to achieving high performance outcomes in crisis situations was centered around engaging people, and improving culture, strategic alignment and accountability. Stuart is now recognised as a culture improvement & leadership specialist. He is also host or contributor to various media including Careers Unplugged, frequently Australia’s top business and career podcast on iTunes, in which he interviews well known and successful leaders & celebrities about their journeys, and My Business magazine.


  • Leading to Improve Performance & Wellbeing
    September 8, 2017
    9:30 am - 4:30 pm