How To Find Out What You're REALLY Great At

SSShhhhhhhhhh... are you up for a career secret?

Firstly, let's assume your head is already across the concept that when you do what you love for work every day, what you once called work is work no more! Indeed, you have worked your last day and are now making love every day (well, you not what we mean).

The question is, how do you find out what it is that will facilitate this?

Check out this great video in which Stu shares some great secrets about how to find out what you're great at. This is important stuff and it has a huge impact on your career growth, your ability to be promoted faster and, needless to say, to be paid more.

Let's take a look at the key points:

1. Finding out what your higher calling in life is can be pretty tricky. Culprit number one in blocking you is your own mind - your ego mind to be precise. Unfortunately your ego, if its is anything like every other human's will feed your with desires and goals that suit its own agenda, as well as feeding you with 1,000s of reasons why you CAN'T achieve things too
2. Not surprisingly, areas you already love and feel good at are often a good indicator - but don;t let that ro you form engaging a speciliast who is able to identify what you are GREAT at in an instant. Every time I ever do this the results surprise!
3. The good news is, you already know a bunch of people who specialize in this area... at least as far as you are concerned. That's right, your family & friends!!

With that in mind, your mission now is to connect with at least 20 people and ask them to do you the greatest favour... giving you some feedback on what THEY feel you are great at. Ideally you will receive this by email and not be there when they write it (particularly if you are an argumentative type who may otherwise try to start telling them what they think!)

Enjoy this process, and be prepared for some surprises!

Yours in towering success

Rich & Stu