CU 60: How 'Body' & 'Career' Wellness are entwined with Damian Kristof

Careers-Unplugged-with-Damian-Kristof-300x294[1]In this special 'Wellness' edition of Careers Unplugged we chat with Damian Kristof about wellness in life, the 5 pillars to achieving wellness he has identified and how these same principles can be applied to other areas of life... and to our journey itself!

It's an entertaining chat and a timely lead in to The Wellness Breakthrough - an awesome 2-day wellness retreat featuring Damian, Stuart and the hosts of a bunch of other podcasts from The Wellness Couch including Cyndi O'Meara, Jo Whitton, The Wellness Guys, The Up for a Chat girls and the 100 not out team.

The Wellness Breakthrough is being held in the Yarra Valley in only 3 weeks!!