CU 54: How facing your fears can change your life with criminal turned youth crusader, Andrew Gason

In this special extended edition of Careers Unplugged we learn how facing your fears head on can magically change your life, through Andrew Gason's most compelling journey from the criminal underworld to making a huge impact as a social crusader today.

Andrew is an adopted Samoan from New Zealand who was once a full time professional criminal working in the underworld doing every crime from burglaries to gun smuggling. More than a decade later, as a full time youth & social justice crusader, he is continuously invited to meet and speak to business leaders, VIP’s, and thousands of other people including on the TED stage.

Andrew's focus is building not for profit communities that are sustainable and don’t rely on government funding or grants: the same basis upon which he has built not-for-profit organisations New
Civilization Builders
and Rebel Collective: Tomorrow’s People to teach and help troubled youths how to turn their lives around, to let go of the past and how to become leaders and entrepreneurs with strong business skills

This story will blow you away!