We provide whatever time, independence or expertise you may be missing, to deliver projects & achieve outcomes faster

Have you ever wondered why some businesses always have time and space available to deliver projects vital to their continuous growth, whereas others seem to flounder, are reactive or complain about being “stuck”?

When the busyness of day-to-day activities makes it challenging to complete important projects on time, it is difficult for a business to switch from being reactive to being proactive. Unfortunately, this problem is exaggerated if an incumbent team lacks requisite experience, education or know-how to deliver critical projects in the first place. The outcome of these deficiencies being that projects and changes take significantly longer than ideal, produce inferior results, or nothing, and the business suffers.

SHL enables your team to remain ‘free’ and the benefits of quick execution to flow…

Incorporating an independent SHL business or management consultant allows problems to be solved and projects to be delivered faster, with higher quality and without interrupting the important work your team is already undertaking. By providing specialist perspective and dedicated focus, SHL consultants enable critical project processes, such as those listed below, to be executed thoroughly so important steps or analyses is not rushed or overlooked , decisions are stronger and outcomes are improved:

  • Undertaking diagnostic reviews, assessments or audits of either a whole business, or targeted areas (eg - cashflow, customer experience, sales, marketing, operations, HR, IP, governance etc) so knowledge gaps are filled and assumptions removed
  • Analysing data so specific needs are clarified and improvement options are identified
  • Planning project implementation, including necessary actions, milestones, metrics, resources or skills
  • Taking charge of delivering project outcomes, improvements & changes
  • Reporting on deliverables

We also work across several specialist consulting areas, including Change, Management Consutling, Turnaround Consulting, Business Consulting, HR Consulting or provision of outsourced HR Services. A description of some of our typical engagements is provided below:

Change & Management Consulting

Improving governance

We’ll assess your governance processes including your approach to strategic direction setting, risk management and accountability of your operational leadership, after which we’ll provide insights and recommendations to help improve governance, board performance, or accountability, or guide you through the process of appointing your first non-Executive director.


Strategic planning

We’ll help you either define your strategic direction, critical factors to achieve it and risks to be managed, or we’ll guide your annual or periodic review and refresh.


Business planning

We'll support you through the process of developing a meaningful and practical  business plan, emphasising the projects, milestones and activities needed to bring it to life..


Changing Systems, Processes and Behaviours

We’ll help you improve frameworks, systems, processes and patterns of behaviour to effect and embed change. We’ll also create tailored whole-of-business ‘change’ plans that are practical and achievable… and help your team to achieve them.



Turnaround & Special Situations Consulting

‘Safe harbour’ turnaround planning

We’ll work with you to identify and author a viable ‘Safe Harbour’ turnaround plan, addressing operational, strategic and financial matters, and detailing implementation steps, important dates, targeted milestones, progress metrics and plans to engage with key stakeholders (including creditors)
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Turnaround support

We’ll support you to implement your turnaround plan, including:

- monitoring progress

- helping you communicate with stakeholders

- helping ‘enrol your team’ to work together, so saving your business is a plausible reality

- monitoring team wellbeing & your personal exposure to WHS stress related issues


Short term planning

We’ll undertake an ‘initial review’ to shed light on specific risks & resource constraints, identify a specific short-term plan, tactics & timeframe to improve you business position as quickly as possible, and then support you to follow it


Business Performance Consulting

Processes and workflows

Continuous improvement

Data capture and measurement

Diagnostic reviews, audits & analysis

Either targeted to ‘whole of business’ or specific areas such as customer experience, sales, marketing, operations, HR, IP, governance, etc, to identify improvement needs and change options

Team or customer surveys

We’ll firstly customise and deliver a structured survey (either ‘conversational’ or online) to determine what people really think, and then help you interpret data to:

  • establish attitudes
  • identify invisible issues; and
  • enhance branding

Delivery of projects, improvements & changes

We’ll provide direct consulting assistance and drive progress delivery when your operational team lacks the time, independence or expertise to undertake critical project components such as researching, constructing documents or articulating strategies, building sophisticated models etc

HR Consulting & Outsourced Services

HR Reviews or ‘Audits’

We’ll review your HR arrangements, processes and documents, identify risks, determine improvement options and then help you plan the steps needed to not only ensure your HR is compliant, but helpful

HR ‘Clean Ups’

Following an HR Review, we’ll do the work to bring your HR system up to date, including:

- Contracts, policies, procedures
- Recruitment

- Learning & Development

- Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

- Industrial Relations (IR)

- Workforce Planning

- Organisational Development

Outsourced HR

Like to make sure your HR remains up to date? No problem, we’ll take care of that for you too

How our Consultants work with SHL’s Advisors & Team Coaches to drive success faster…

If during the journey of implementing your blueprint of actions, projects, milestones and metrics, either you or your team requires specific support, such as a high level interpretation, crafting the right ‘narrative’, team behavioural change, 1:1 development, skill improvement, or even additional expertise to drive a project, involving an SHL Advisor or Team Coach with our Consultants produces a formidable combination.

See WorkLife for how we coordinate entire change projects, with advice, consulting and coaching support.