How do I connect with more people?

Fact: connecting is not communicating

In reflecting on the importance of connections in making it big, it is important to realize we are not talking about communication.

Communication is an entirely separate and equally important topic and one we tackle elsewhere in MIB. Communication is the enabler of connection after all!!

What we are talking about however, is putting yourself in a position where people will want to gravitate to you in the first place. Let’s talk about that a little bit more.

Who should you connect with and how should you connect?

OK, so we agree it’s important to connect with people to grow your business and career right? , Now let us turn our attention to the topics of who and what and how!

To start with, it is important to find people that are a mixture of all the types of people you need to connect with. Consider:

  • Colleagues at your level;
  • Mentors who have achieved what you want to achieve; and
  • Customers who are buying what you are selling etc

Importantly, if you are an employee, don’t miss the fact your customer is actually your employer! Of course, it is also sometimes the case that the same person, could be both mentor and customer.

Is it only important to foster connections relevant to me?

The short answer is yes… but only after you answer the wider question as to whom is relevant in the first place?

Consider: in my experience, it is exceptionally useful to connect with people who have nothing to do with your business, but who would sincerely like to help you. Would you agree? That pretty much covers almost everyone in the world to some degree doesn’t it?

In any case, as we are talking about connections, it is important to invest in getting out and investing in meeting new people. In networking.

In doing this, whilst we all understand and appreciate it is our old long term existing relationships that are often the most useful when the chips are down, I can tell you this; it is the new relationships that generally help you to grow.