How do I change my habits?

The power of our habits is strong, but it is important to remember that it is us who choose whether or not we are governed by them. Check out this video in which shares how to improve your habits to be successful in your life, career or business, and the […] Read more »

How do I make my career a success?

In my 20s, I invested my time heavily into accumulating experience, even though my career itself paid poorly paying at the time. What this meant was that after 4 years of study, I left university and accepted my first job for the meager amount of $23,000 pa. Even in 1992, […] Read more »

How do I connect with more people?

Fact: connecting is not communicating In reflecting on the importance of connections in making it big, it is important to realize we are not talking about communication. Communication is an entirely separate and equally important topic and one we tackle elsewhere in MIB. Communication is the enabler of connection after […] Read more »