Stuart Hayes on “Why Business Coaching is
Vital to Your Success”?

Why it’s important?

Look around you… Notice the high performing individuals in sport, business, the arts or any sphere of life you care to name. Chances are 95% of them have employed coaches or mentors to break-through being “average” to become someone exceptional.

If you doubt this, listen to some of the podcasts I’ve done with highly successful people across a broad range of professions, and you’ll soon realise how critical good coaching is. People don’t often volunteer information about their mentors, but when you ask successful people if they have used coaches or mentors, 99 times out of 100 the answer is yes.

Who is it for?

  1. A CEO, professional or seasoned leader wanting an independent “walked a mile in my shoes” sounding board, to improve self-awareness and help drive better results, faster.
  2. An emerging leader looking to have high impact and improve visibility, or
  3. A business owner or entrepreneur looking for the most efficient pathway to move your business forward.

What’s the Point?

We deliver high impact coaching that really works, and we aren’t afraid of measuring bottom line results so a return on investment can be calculated.

How do we make such a difference? Unlike generalist coaching or mentoring, our targeted coaching & mentoring has specific, measurable goals and is built around a program designed to achieve them.

Programs are designed to deliver impact and are specifically for people:

  • Seeking 1:1 assistance in achieving specific outcomes;
  • Facing unique circumstances;
  • Seeking urgent change; or
  • Preferring 1:1 relationship to group based training.

What are your options?

Targeted business coaching & mentoring programs are often provided in conjunction with a ‘Work Style Preference’ or ‘Communications Improvement Assessment’. Business Coaching and mentoring programs are also offered in isolation where this would be most beneficial. Sessions are most commonly held in person or via Skype.