We provide you with confidence & clarity, through practical, independent, ‘whole-of-business’ advice

In Business, running the wrong way can be costly. Running there with enthusiasm disastrous. Perhaps this is why 95% of high performing individuals employed advisors, coaches  or mentors to breakthrough from being “average” to become exceptional. If you you’re not sure about this, listen to some of Stuart’s podcasts with highly successful people across a broad range of professions, and you’ll soon realise how critical good advice is.

Involving an independent expert in your analysis and decision making leads to a clarity and confidence that only arises from heading in the right direction and doing all the right things to get there. Friends and family, on the other hand, may have your best interests at heart, but will not always tell you what you need to hear. Or have the expertise to do so.

Strategic ‘Whole-of-Business’ Support for Senior Business Leaders.
By Senior Business leaders

SHL provides Strategic Business Advice & Support to business owners and senior leaders on topics such as business direction, tactical approach, pivoting a business model, turnaround, response in a crisis, or simply the best way to lead people.

In all cases, our advisory work is undertaken by highly qualified and experienced members of SHL’s team: allowing us maintain the practical edge needed to help you define a blueprint of actions, projects, milestones and metrics you can implement with your teams.

The areas we cover are broad and relate to big ticket items such as:

Ownership & Governance


  • Family councils & shareholders
  • Board of directors performance
  • Governance
  • Appraising & managing risk

Strategy & Planning


  • Clarifying vision mission, purpose, values, objectives, & strategic direction
  • Reviewing & refreshing strategic direction and alignment
  • Developing a practical business plan
  • Risk management

Leadership & Management


  • Improving business performance
  • Interpreting & evaluating progress towards outcomes
  • Accountability frameworks
  • Developing KPIs, OKRs and metrics
  • Systems for implementation, alignment & overall performance
  • Systems for continuous learning & improvement
  • Establishing programs of work, timeframes, support & resource requirements, feedback approaches
  • Understanding & adapting to new market conditions
  • Overseeing culture & team engagement
  • Monitoring

Incorporating SHL’s Consultants & Team Coaches helps drive towards success faster…

In helping you achieve improvements in any of the areas listed above, members of our Advisory team may assume any one or more of the following types of roles:

  • Business Advisor
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Business Coach
  • Management Consultant
  • Director

But that’s not all.

If implementing your blueprint of actions, projects, milestones and metrics requires specific support, such as a team behavioural change, 1:1 development, skill improvement, or even additional expertise to drive a project, involving an SHL Consultant or Team Coach with our Advisors produces a formidable combination: often with the Advisor working with owners or a small group of leaders, and Team Coaches or Consultants engaging with the wider team to implement plans.

See WorkLife for how we coordinate entire change projects, with advice, consulting and coaching support.

If you’d like to better understand the difference between a Business Advisor, a Business Coach and a Team Coach, check out this article.