Ask This Question To Find Your Calling

If you are trying to find out what your calling in life is, don't miss this discussion from Stu.

In recent videos we have explored several some of the other stepping stones in this process, including:

1. considering what you are excellent at
2. asking people who know you what they think you are excellent at; and
3. asking yourself what you love to do

Now, its time to deepen this inquiry and ask yourself WHY it is that you love what you love!

Now this might seem a little weird but is actually VERY tough to do. What you are after is the DEPEST anser to this question that you can access.

For example: "Well, I love teaching because I am good at it"

Peeling further - "actually, its because I like to see my students' faces when they have an ah-ha moment or have a breakthrough..."

Peeling further - "well, actually, it feels really good to make a difference to them, whether or not they appreciate it"

Peeling yet another layer off my onion - "when I really think about it, I believe that everyone can succeed and be BIG in the world and it fees great to make a small contrinution towards helping people do this"

Get it!?

Now, needless to say, as you go through this process of peeling layers off your onion, 99.9999% of the time, the reason you identify as your core reason will be the same core thing that others love about you too... and you will have unearthed a core truth about yourself that could also become a beneficial niche too.

The next step of course, is to identify how this core truth about you manifests in your career, life and business, so that you can receive the successes you are destined for in each of these by following it.


Yours in success
Stu & Rich
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