Who is Stuart Hayes & What Does He Do?

Stuart Hayes is a bit of an enigma, one of a select group of people who has trained and worked with elite consulting organisations like KPMG, Andersen and Deloitte; been a business leader and professional CEO in Australia, Asia and the UK; worked in environments as diverse as multinationals, governments, royal families and private companies; and then consciously stepped away from the hustle and bustle to bring his learning, training and experience within reach of everyday businesses and entrepreneurs.

To understand the relevance and power Stuart brings to your business, you need to understand what a CEO does. A CEO is the most senior position in a corporation or company, the head decision maker, the person charged with developing and executing strategies for a company’s success.

Stuart’s former role as a “CEO Mr Fix it” saw him thrust into a variety of diverse and challenging environments where businesses were often fighting for their very survival. Stuart’s job was to stop the decline and turn things around, or alternatively to take average performing businesses into the stratosphere.

This kind of experience is extremely rare in a business coach and is usually only available to Multinational Companies or the privileged few.

So why did Stuart leave his ‘diamond paved’ corporate career behind to create Stuart Hayes Leadership?

Apart from the fact that he felt it was time to truly become his own man, Stuart had a genuine desire to make the knowledge he was privy to available to ordinary entrepreneur’s and managers in everyday businesses.

Stuart’s coaching, mentoring training and workshops distil his years of unique experience into a one of a kind, ‘no fluff’, cut-to-the-chase blueprint for transforming any under-performing, mediocre or average business into a thriving one.

Stuart delivers innovative, practical, customised programs that can include 1-on-1 coaching of managers and training of their teams. The focus is on facilitating active learning, aligning teams around key objectives, bringing fun back into the workplace while helping key business units achieve KPI’s and hit important performance targets.

Trainings are customised to the needs of the business and active learning means natural, engaging and sustainable development that allows participants to grow in confidence and enjoy their work. The result… you build the key leaders and business units that drive the growth of your business now and into the future.

Take a step towards success you can measure. Align and engage people. Bring back the fun, measure your growth. Leave a voicemail for Stuart now or schedule a call back.

Stuart is committed to empowering business owners in Melbourne.