8 Great Ways to Get Your Dream Job

In this video Stu & Rich delve into 8 great ways to get your dream job if you are unemployed or wanting a boost in your career.

1) Protecting Your Attitude

Your personal attitude is affected by your choice of environment. Who you choose to to associate with impacts your life. Their attitudes will rub off on you, so be aware of your friends and family and choose t ospend time with those that will support your growth and aspirations.

2) Solve Problems
Practise solving problems - People get paid for solving problems, so practise daily. Look for problems to solve. It isn't hard, the world is full of them, so get stuck into it!

3) Volunteer
Volunteer for jobs or roles that will allow you to solve problems, get credibility, experience and confidence (it's a win, win, win, win scenario.. nice eh!)

4) Upgrade Your Skills & Capabilities

Add skills, do seminars, courses, or workshops. Most importantly read every week at least once (for fun!)

5) Train Your Brain
Continue to improve your skills and condition your brain to enjoy the "state of Learning".
Often "recreational" learning will apply to your professional life. so keep learning and celebrate it!

6) Contributing.
Do it, Write it, Share it.
Share your experience with others. In the physical world or via social media.
Publish, talk and connnect. Give, give first, give more.
Use linked in and other professional social media forums to connect to the industries and causes you love.

7) Personal Brand - You Inc
How do you represent yourself in the market?
What do you stand for or believe in ?
Are you telling the market?
Are you looking for a role that you believe in the company or cause?

8 ) Ask for Help!
Ask the prospective employers what they are looking for!
It shows you are comfortable and confident, but it also shows you are big enough to ask for help.

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Yours in success

Stu & Rich