5 Things To Avoid If You’re Unemployed

If you are unemployed or feel there is a chance you may be out of a job sometime soon then you don't want to miss this great video from Stu & Rich!

The good news is, that whilst being unemployed can be challenging, frustrating and often scary, there is hope and there are a bunch of things that YOU can do to control your own destiny.

In this video, Stu Hayes shares his experience as a professional interim CEO who would be in and out of roles frequently, and Rich Sayer shares his experiences about how unemployment affects your 'mojo'! It's great stuff... not to forget the 5 things you should NEVER do if you are unemployed. Here's a taste...

1. Complain or blame others
2. Isolate yourself or knock back a meeting
3. Risk your attitude by hanging out with other unemployed people
4. Give up or ‘hope’ things will improve
5. Expect different results from the same actions

Confused? Don't be! Enjoy the vid!

Yours in success

Stu Hayes & Rich Sayer
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