3 Nuggets to Improve Your Discipline

Whether your goal is to make it big in your life, career, business or all 3, boosting your level of discipline is a core requirement. Whichever is your motive however, if you have ever felt you would benefit from more discipline then check out this post form Stu!

There is little doubt that almost all of us at some point have wished we were as disciplined as other people. Curiously, it is also highly likely that WE have even been the envy of others at certain times too, on account of the discipline they saw in us!

So just what is this curious trait and how can you get more of it in your life? Indeed, how can you increase your level of discipline so that you are more effective, more focused and have more impact? How can you afctually DO the things that you know you need to do?

Here are three great tips to begin with:

1. Identify and fuel a huge motive
2. Celebrate when you ARE disciplined
3. Create an ACTION list and get on with taking action

Yours in success

Stu & Rich
Founders, Make It Big Training