Are you a Business Owner or High-Level Manager with the Responsibility for Growing a Business?

Melbourne Business Coach Stuart HayesAfter COVID, maybe your challenge is just staying alive?

In either case – we get you! We’ve stood in your shoes. We’ve navigated growth, survival and everything in between… We understand how lonely it can be at the top, especially when the pressure is on, and everyone is looking to you for the answers!

So, whether you need to pivot your business in a post COVID market. Remodel your business processes to become more productive, turnaround cashflow or rebuild your workplace culture. Stuart Hayes Leadership is your go to solution, because we’ve been there and done that!

To make it onto our team of trusted battle-hardened advisors, consultants need to not only have the appropriate qualifications.
More importantly, they must have the business savvy that only comes from decades of hard won real-world-experience. Which is why we can get you from where you are, to where you want to be, regardless of size, budget or circumstances of your business. Our background and experience makes us supremely confident in our ability to help.

So, relax... You really have found the support you’ve been looking for. We are different to the run of the mill consulting and coaching companies sprouting the same old 'bla bla' about uncovering underlying issues and growing your business through 'proven processes. Reach out now and get access to a consulting team with the right mixture of experience, qualifications, and skills to add tremendous value to your business.

Your first consultation with us is fee and obligation free. But to qualify, you need to book a 10-minute chat so we can find out about your market, your business and your objectives. We'll then gauge whether we are a good fit for each other. We'll tell you on the spot if we think we can help, or not. We don't want to waste your time or ours, so you can expect honest and pragmatic feedback.

So, use our online calendar or pick up the phone and call us to book a 10 minute chat now. We provide a broad range of consulting services including:

Strategic Business Advice & Support

Business Performance Consulting 

Turnaround & Special Situations Consulting 

HR Consulting & Outsourced Services 

Team Coaching & Leadership Development 

Team Culture, Engagement & Behavioural Change 

Learning & Development 

Manage and achieve goals and KPI’s that matter.

Check out the testimonials below, and watch serial entrepreneur & CEO Institute Syndicate Chairman Neville Christie talk about a workshop Stuart Hayes ran for ‘The CEO Institute’