Stuart Hayes is Easily the Best Qualified Business Coach in Melbourne.

If you’re a business owner or CEO in Melbourne; someone looking for a business coach and mentor to show you practical ways to improve your leadership, the performance of your business and the people you manage, then in all likelihood Stuart Hayes is the coach you’re looking for. Here’s why.

Did you know that there is no regulation in Australia governing the qualifications or conduct of business coaches? This means anyone can set themselves up as a business coach, and sadly, despite whatever claims most people promoting themselves as a business coach make, the reality is that most of them have no relevant qualifications or real world business experience! But...

Stuart Hayes isn’t a typical business coach.

To begin with he has a bachelor of economics from the Monash University and he is a CPA and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, which is the preeminent course for Directors in Australia, so his academic credentials are both practical and impeccable!

Secondly, before he started business coaching, Stuart spent 12 years working for some of the worlds leading accounting firms as a ‘Change  CEO’, which is corporate speak for a CEO “Mr Fix it” – and it means his day-to-day job for over a decade was to go into ailing companies, assume the role of CEO, get to the bottom of why their business was under performing and then quickly and efficiently turn things around: the people, the marketing, the financial results, everything! During these years, Stuart was privy to many private training programs delivered by world leading experts where content from case studies involving fortune 500 companies and IP from elite performers like top NFL coaches was shared.

Can you imagine the depth of experience someone with Stuarts unique background has and how his academic qualifications, access to private training delivered by world leading experts, and his vast real world experience, could be utilised to help you in your current business? How many business coaches in Melbourne do you think have his unique blend of qualifications and real world business experience. If you said none, you’d be right.

The truth is, there are very few people of Stuart’s calibre and experience available as a business coach anywhere in the world, let alone in Melbourne.

Stuart provides something different to the formulaic, one size fits all programs offered by most of his rivals! Stuart draws on his decades of experience leading businesses at the coal face. He takes the time to really understand your business fundamentals, and then, based on his vast real world business experience, devises a pragmatic business support plan specifically suited to your situation, something that only someone with his education and background could deliver. And it’s proven to help business leaders and the people they manage achieve the goals and KPI’s that really matter. But don’t just take our word on this. Watch serial entrepreneur & CEO Institute Syndicate Chairman Neville Christie talk about a workshop Stuart ran for ‘The CEO Institute’.

Get a business coach with unrivaled business experience. Stuart has trained and worked with elite consulting organisations like KPMG, Andersen and Deloitte. He’s been a business leader and professional CEO, worked in environments as diverse as multinationals, governments, royal families and private companies and spent 12 years working as a “Mr Fix it” CEO for private business owners in Asia, Australia and the UK.

Take action now. Book a FREE 1 hour Strategy Session with Stuart and he’ll help you get clear on what your next action plan should be, so you can move forward in facing your current challenges with confidence. But quick word of warning. The offer of a free strategy session with Stuart can’t be maintained indefinitely, so please, if you feel Stuart might have the unique blend of elite training, real world operational experience and coaching nous you’re after, act now and avoid disappointment.