Team building programs to improve culture, build morale & reduce stress so performance and wellbeing improve

Who is it for?
Leaders and teams who are struggling with morale and culture challenges or seeking to improve team culture and morale, in ways that lift performance and wellbeing.

So what’s different about our Team Building & Culture Improvement Programs?
In 2017, most leaders, HR professionals and organisational psychologists acknowledge that balancing team performance with wellbeing is critical, and that stressed staff and negative emotions lead to lower work-place outcomes. But cracking the code that enables the wellbeing-performance jigsaw to be assembled is tough, which is why Stuart constructs programs using the successful approaches he used as a change CEO, who frequently needed to deal with the undesired, but familiar, combination of poor performance, poor morale and poor wellbeing.

“What I found, almost inevitably, was that staff had given up, the market had given up, both people and relationships were stretched, and cash was scarce,” says Stuart.
“But what I also found, were very consistent approaches to turn around these challenges. Teams became engaged, accountable & aligned to strategy; stress and ‘noise’ reduced; wellbeing improved; and staff started to communicate more effectively with each other and customers.”

How does a wellbeing program impact team performance?
The impact of stress and negative emotions is significant on both personal health and also in business areas such as:

  • productivity;
  • wellbeing;
  • morale;
  • brand; and
  • alignment to strategy or change initiatives

This is why it is important to construct wellbeing and performance programs in ways that address all of these issues, and any others that might be relevant for your team. An example of the outcomes from a recent wellbeing and team building program included:

  1. reducing the level of ‘noise’ and negative emotion experienced by team members, so they are more present and calmer at work and therefore more open to change
  2. improving the team’s communication and connection with each other
  3. improving the team’s traction with its agreed values, in ways that help them ‘live the values’ and naturally align to the business’ strategy
  4. creating a unifying language of values for the team, as a part of this
  5. improving staff morale and productivity

But why take our word for it?
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Karen Bull, Telecommunications Services and Solutions Entrepreneur, Melbourne

Stuart’s knowledge and expertise in business management enabled me to see my business from a different perspective and opened many other possibilities to the business. His patience with helping me to understand business solutions was endless and his professionalism is second to none.


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