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Would you like to:

 – improve your enjoyment of work and life?
 – feel more relaxed & joyful?
 – improve your connection & communication with colleagues?
 – reduce your level of stress and the impact of negative emotions?


In this extraordinary workshop, you will discover & experience simple yet effective techniques revealing the real relationship between the Heart & Mind, and how they can work harmoniously together.


What will you learn in ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’…

Learn how to…

  • improve your enjoyment of work and life;
  • feel more relaxed & joyful;
  • improve your connection & communication with both colleagues and customers;
  • reduce your levels of stress and lower the impact of negative emotions on you;
  • achieve ‘team based’ gains in areas such as productivity, creativity and ‘flow.’
  • become more resilient, facing day-to-day challenges and difficult situations
  • integrate what you learn into everyday life


Who is this workshop for…

‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ is designed for all staff – including Senior Executives, Directors, Managers, Supervisors and employees. Particular benefit to participants involved in dealing with people either internally or externally.


How will you benefit from the workshop…

Key areas that participants in ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ will benefit include:

  • Happier, healthier and more joyful experience of life at work
  • Greater clarity, more focused and productive as the impact of stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions are reduced
  • Improved communication and more effective relationships with colleagues and clients
  • A practical 3-step approach that can be applied at work to access & apply the heart’s intelligence so that benefits will be available immediately


How is the workshop delivered…

‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ is facilitated as an interactive workshop with both experiential and theory-based components.

Experiential exercise’s, are used with self-reflection, feedback and group discussions to illustrate learning objectives and accelerate behavioral change. Theory is presented using slides, and workbooks are provided as a reference to support post-workshop integration into the work place. Suggested heart strengthening exercises are provided to further improve sustainability and outcomes.


What is covered in ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’…

Topics covered within ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ include:

  • The relationship between heart & mind as well as the history and growing scientific research into this incredible field.
  • How to positively impact work/life experiences by bridging heart & mind.
  • How to feel happier, healthier and more joyful at work, by applying a simple 3-step heart strengthening exercise that bridges the heart & mind.
  • How to be naturally more productive and resilient in the face of adversity and day-to-day challenges, reducing the impact of stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions.
  • How to improve and enjoy your connection, communication and relationships with colleagues and clients through smiling, speaking and listening from the heart.
  • How to achieve post-workshop integration into the work place, in ways that enable benefits to be sustained and improved.


Who is Inner Heart Solutions…

Inner Heart Solutions is a training and performance facilitator committed to improving team performance, in ways that also improve culture and employee wellbeing. IHS’ innovative ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ workshops, which have been delivered throughout North America since 2007 were developed by Who’s Who acknowledged entrepreneur, Bernadette Halloran, who had identified that poor ethics, integrity and compassion were adversely impacting the corporate world and had embarked on a 15 year journey to reverse this.

Discovering the emerging fields of research into bridging the heart and mind, Bernadette initiated a program of collaboration between researchers that led to the step-by-step programs now offered by IHS being created

All workshops and associated coaching are customisable to suit specific needs; include practical techniques to help participants achieve benefits from applying what they learn; and are based on neuroscience and neurocardiology research that show how the heart and mind work together.

Inner Heart Solutions’ Asia Pacific team is based in Melbourne, Australia and incorporates 12 facilitators located in 7 cities across Australia and New Zealand.


Who is the facilitator, Stuart Hayes…

Empowerment & culture focused leadership & culture specialist, Stuart Hayes, is the Regional Director of Inner Heart Solutions in Asia Pacific.

Stuart is a former change specialist CEO whose approach to achieving high performance outcomes in crisis situations was centered around engaging people, and improving culture, strategic alignment and accountability. Stuart is now recognised as a culture improvement & leadership specialist and has been licensed by Inner Heart Solutions to deliver this program. He also has more than 7 years experience in bridging the heart and mind training, in addition to a career in which he has trained and worked with elite consulting organisations including KPMG, Andersen and Deloitte; been a business leader and professional CEO of corporations in Australia, Asia and the UK; and assisted clients as diverse as multinationals, governments, a royal family and private companies of all shapes and sizes

He is also host or contributor to various media including Careers Unplugged, frequently Australia’s top business and career podcast on iTunes, in which he interviews well known and successful leaders & celebrities about their journeys, and My Business magazine.


  • Bridging the Heart & Mind
    June 20, 2017
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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